Monday, February 13, 2006

Bazaar of Wonders...

OH HOW I FREAKING LOVE the XBox 360 marketplace. Why? Well because its perfect for an addict like me that likes the good stuff, and not some crap for my money.

The marketplace provides me with FREE downloads on demos for the Arcade and Blockbuster games for the 360 on a try before you buy experience. HELL YEAH! Now I don't have to go buy a $10 magazine and load some disk full of nonsense into my console for the one demo I wanted to try out. I can just download the demo and give it a spin.

I used to have a gamefly account, which is basically like netflix for games, for the very reason that I did not want to HOPE to get a rental on a hot title from blockbuster, which had a billion copies of the crappy games, and only one of the hot one (get a new buyer for your video rentals blockbuster, your current one is an idiot). But now thanks to the marketplace I can cancel my gamefly account, as the majority of hot titles I am looking to get have demo that is available for download shorty before or after the launch date. Of course gamefly is good for those RPG or story type games that you play once and then never again, however if you pay $19.99 for two games a month and play an good RPG which usaully takes two months+ to finish when you have a normal life, you might as well have just bought the damn game anyway.

One bad thing about the demos that are for games that have a multiplayer component, is that only some give you an chance to try the multiplayer mode, which in my opinion is completely stupid as you are missing the very reason I want to try out the game and see how good it is compared to other online mutiplayer games I own. However maybe thats why some deveoper's DON'T include a mutiplayer demo, if the game isn't as good or can't compare to monsters like HALO 2 and DOA 4 then that may effect sales. I would say bull to that and let us try it anyway, we may find something that is cool and different enough for us to actually buy the game, rather then avoid it because I we were unsure.

ON a bright note related to this topic, and my current blood lust for a new multiplayer game, Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter has been confirmed to have demo for download out by Feb 27th! So look for it at the marketplace and give it a whirl. Maybe Ubisoft will be smart enough to include a multiplayer demo, as that is the MAIN reason most of us FPS fans will be buying it. One can only hope...


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