Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Welcome to BAM!!! NINJAS!

BAM!!! Ninjas! An exclamation from a good friend when describing something cool and surprising. Just think of a Ninja appearing out of nowhere in a blast of smoke to complete his secret objective only to vanish just the same, and you get the idea.

We were just sitting there and BAM!!! NINJAS!...

I was looking for this DVD and BAM!!! NINJAS!...

I was playing this game online and BAM!!! NINJAS!...

The club was empty and BAM!!! NINJAS!...

Well actually the term BAM!!! NINJAS! came from a friend of his. So I got the term from a freind of a friend... what?!?!

IT WORKS, and its how I feel when I spot something cool and interesting.

So that said...Interested in all things digitally cool, tech savy, house music swanky, ultra gamer geeky, late night clubby, super secret cliquey? This is for you.

Well actually screw that its for me. This a BLOG afterall, to rant and rave about what I love, hate, and think is just so damn interesting that maybe you will too. Lets not pretend its about what you think, and thus your only way of telling me different is to comment on what I decide to post here, or get your own blog (they are free afterall).

So I encourage to speak up wether you agree or not, maybe just maybe you'll swing my opinion, or better yet share something else that is damn cool and interesting.

Meanwhile with that said, I will post away all the cool stuff that I find or want, post-carnage reports from late night gaming sessions, tales of debaucherous weekend tyrades, and reviews of stuff to get or avoid within the pop-culture influenced for your hard earned duckets.


  • At 12:57 PM, Blogger Andrew B. said…

    I was totally surfing the net for ninja blogs, and BAM!!! NINJAS! ;-)

    Ooooohhhh! Are you a ninja?

    Heh heh...


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